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We are devoted professionals

Although we have been doing ​​film and advertising production for 21 years, our passion suggests we’re recent graduates of film school. We approach every project with enthusiasm and inspiration.

There’s no such thing as small roles or projects

Our approach is independent of the budget. Each project poses the same challenge to us, whether it’s a movie for 100 million or video for 100,000 (crowns, of course ☺)

A gusher of ideas

Creativity is an integral part of our work. We prepare great creative concepts for TV shows, advertising campaigns and online presentations.


Hana is a director, producer, screenwriter and creative artist. She directed the feature movie My Story, has created several TV shows for Czech television, and worked in a creative and directorial capacity on dozens of commercials and advertising spots, some of which have won awards or achieved most-popular-video status or landed on the YouTube Ads Leaderboard.

Hana Hendrychová

CEO, NoWorries

Lenka Gajzurová

Creative and client service director

Lenka works on the production of both commercials and content videos.


Her clients have included Tesco, Billa, ŠKODA Auto, Unilever and Heineken.

Pavla Krečmerová


Pavla works on the production of both commercials and films.


Her best-known films include Doppelgangers, I Love You In Blue, To See The Sea, University, How Poets Wait For A Miracle and My Story.

Petra Šebo

Business, Strategy and Marketing Consultant

Petra spent over 20 years working in global corporations as TMobile, Sony, O2 and Xerox. She has experience from the field and from top management also. She did (not only) create and execute campaigns that corporations implemented worldwide. She insists on measurable goals and is always thinking out of the box and is trying to make things just a bit better than might seem possible.

Eva Jandlová

Project Manager

Eva has been on the media market for over 15 years and has valuable experience from both television and multinational media agencies.


She creates non-standard market opportunities for which she always has original solutions.

Lukáš Hendrych

Cameraman and creative artist

Lukáš has filmed dozens of commercials and video clips and his feature films include Dissident and My Story.


His work has won awards at festivals in Berlin and New York.

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